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The victim told authorities she feared for her life.

In October, La Bonte was arrested on a charge of assault with a weapon after he allegedly threw a flashlight at the same woman. A 58-year-old Townsend man is jailed on a felony charge of driving under the influence.


We return to the Flood to examine its impact on the earth and the fossils buried in the earth.

We then focus on the complex design of living creatures as unique creations, especially man made in God’s image.

[Note: These are also included in each DVD, Blu-Ray, and Streaming purchase as a “Guide to the Film.” You can also download the PDF here.]Many people look at the earth and assume uniform processes acted over long ages to form what we see around us. Helens reveals how major catastrophes can quickly create geological formations.

It also shows how eyewitness accounts are necessary to understand what happened in the past.

While Woods has vehemently denied the allegations via his rep, photos have surfaced online showing Boyd hanging out with Lindsey Vonn on the course, along with sources who say Amanda was well-known to be a flirt during the tour.

However, Amanda Boyd's Instagram account appears to have been deleted.

We finally look at the stars as our primary timekeepers, ending with the growth of language and culture in light of Genesis.

The following are summaries of each section that can be used to remember what specific scientists communicated.

A 53-year-old Helena man is jailed on a felony charge of assault following accusations he choked a woman.

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